Frequently Asked Questions

Browse common answers for many common questions we get.

General Questions

  • How do I reset my password?
    Due to the fact that we’re just starting out, you’ll have to contact our support team through your registered email. Let us know what you’d like your new password to be and we’ll gladly switch it for you!
  • How do I delete my account?
    Sorry to hear! Contact our customer support team at using your registered email and we’ll delete it for you. Please let us know the reason why you’re choosing to leave us, we’re always looking for ways to improve!

Job Hunter Questions

  • Why can’t I send a message?
    Once paired with an employer, the chat feature is unlocked. However, only the employer can initiate the conversation. This was designed to avoid employers receiving spam messages and create an overall smoother hiring process.
  • How do I apply for jobs?
    Apply by simply swiping right or click the check mark button at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • How can I change my location?
    Jobs are presented to you based on your current location. You can pick your own location in your ‘Profile’ in the ‘Address’ Section.
  • How do I search for jobs?
    Jobs will be presented at the Home screen, which is the far left tab in the menu drawer.
  • Who can see my resume?
    Only the employers behind the positions you’ve applied for can view your resume.


  • How can I create a job posting?
    After creating a profile, navigate to the employer dashboard on the left hand side and click “create a job posting”. From there, follow the four simple steps and you’re done!